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Fan Project: Bring EXO to Italy for a concert!

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Ladies and Gentlemen, OSKP is back with the latest fan project!  This time, we’re looking to help a group of people bring EXO to perform in Italy!

Let’s take a look at the details, shall we?


Bring EXO to perform in Milan in Italy.


The group is looking to use MyMusicTaste.com, the same website that brought EXO to the United States earlier this year.  Currently, this project is attempting to bring EXO to Milan.

As of this moment, the current goal is to collect as many participants as possible to trend the movement and get the group to perform in Italy!  They’re currently using the hashtag #EXOinItaly to garner attention.

Who can participate:

Anyone!  Location isn’t important in regards to voting, so anyone from anywhere in the world can help out this project.

Also, it’s beneficial to participant in the event.  Even if it isn’t your location, nor will you be able to attend, it could help if international fans swarmed together to target locations!

Who can I contact if I have questions:

Currently, the account to contact is @Figlie_EXO, this is the primary account pushing towards the completion of this project

End Date:

There is no end date for this project.

EXO In Italy 2017

EXO In Italy 2017

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