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Fan Project: Dance Dance Detroit DAY6 Cake Project

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A group of fans attending the upcoming DAY6 Live & Meet in Detroit have gathered together to start a new fan project!

The fans are hoping to raise enough money to purchase a cake for the boys to show the fandom’s love and appreciation.

Let’s get right into it!


Fund a cake that looks like a giant amplifier (provided there are enough funds to do so) for DAY6 during their Live & Meet.

Overall goal is to raise $450!

Provided that the goal is not met, they will be trying for an ombré sunset for the cake colors/design.


Donations must be in by October 20, 2017.

Can I donate if I’m not attending?

Of course!  As always, donations are accepted from everyone.  They will be posting pictures of the cake and event.   Also, pictures also will be released when the bakery order is finalized

Contact @minheony or check out the Facebook for details.

DAY6 Detroit Cake Fan Project


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