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Fan Project: Help Bring Boyfriend’s “Star” To 1 Million Views With #STAR1MPROJECT

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OSKP loves fan projects.  The dedication and time fans spend to help promote their favorite groups, and even ones they aren’t familiar with, is inspiring.  It’s also a wonderful want to find groups that may have slipped under the radar before.

Our latest fan project, brought to our attention by the lovely @the5thdreamer, is sure to help spread some love.  

BOYFRIEND, a group under Starship Entertainment (like Monsta X), made their debut in 2011.  For a while, they were gaining popularity, then started promoting heavily in Japan.  For 2 years fans waited for a Korean comeback, and for 2 years they sat anxiously.  Finally, in August of 2017, the group made a Korean comeback with “Star“.

Now, their fandom, the Bestfriends, are worried about the group potentially disbanding.

In order to help support them, they’re asking for fans to help stream their latest music video “Star” and get it up to 1 million views!

Help stream the video and share the hashtag #STAR1MPROJECT!



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