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Fan Project: Join The Anniversary Project Hosted By European Monbebes For Monsta X

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Monsta X originally made their debut on May 14, 2015 with “Trespass”. The track, and subsequent releases, made loyal fans out of those who fell in love with them.

To show their appreciation and love, Monbebes all around Europe are collaborating together to work on a project that is design to celebrate the group’s 3rd anniversary by promoting the group and promoting the love the fans have for them.

That’s not to say that the project is limited to those who are in Europe.  Monbebes all over the world are more than welcome to participate.

So, what is the project?

One of the best ways to show love for a group is to help promote them in some way or another.  The main goal of the project is to get the group’s name and photo on a bus so it can travel around Seoul and spread the word.

There are two bus types, the full bus advertisement that would travel around the city for 15 days.  this includes a full wrap of the bus.  The cheaper option is a banner along a bus.

If there isn’t enough money raised, the secondary plan is to donate the money to a cause in the group’s name so they receive a certificate.

A normal bus advertisement

How do I help?

There are two main ways of participating in this project; donations and buying goods.

You can make a direct donation to euanniversaryproject@gmail.com through PayPal.  If cash is an issue, there is Fanmaum.  The platform is free and you can collect hearts to donate. Check out Fanmaum and the Project.

Merchandise purchases are another way to help out!  They are selling batches of photocards, each batch including 7 photos.

Be sure to visit the project website and contact @MonstaXEurope if you have questions.

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Monsta X Anniversary Project


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