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Fan Project: Join the Bangtan Christmas Project!

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Twitter User @pardonmycutae is hosting a Christmas project for everyone’s favorite boys.  Christmas is getting closer and closer, and fast too.

As part of the celebration, @pardonmycutae is working on compiling 8 notebooks with message from the ARMY fanbase.  The notebooks are geared towards letting the boys know how big of an impact they’ve made on everyone’s lives.  Whether it’s a simple thing like “You made me smile” or a substantial thing, it’s all an impact!

There will be 7 regular notebooks and 1 notebook for all of the group.

The notebooks are set to ship out on December 1, 2017, and @pardonmycutae  will keep everyone updated on the progress!


Fill out the google sheet only once with messages for individual members of the entire group.  Character limit is 400, so don’t be too wordy!

Once again, only fill the survey out one time.

Due by October 6, 2017!

Contact @pardonmycutae for any questions

bangtan christmas project

bangtan christmas project

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