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Fan Project: MAMAMOO Art Project “Carte Blanche”

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OSKP is back with a new fan project that we are helping spread the word about!

MAMAMOO has some amazingly dedicated fans, called moomoos, and the fandom has decided to do a wonderful project for Jung Wheein’s 23rd (Korean 24th) birthday.

The project: Carte Blanche.

Carte Blanche is an attempt by the fandom to unite both Korean and international moomoos together fro a celebration.  The project will lead to an art exhibition.

Where is the exhibition?

The location has yet to be decided, but will be announced soon.  It will be held in Seoul.

How do I join?

Send a message to carteblanche.wi@gmail.com or send a message to @wi_carteblanche on Twitter.

1 piece minimum is expected from each artist.

What to submit.

Digital art and traditional art of all types.  Digital art can be anything from a 3D piece to photo manipulations.  Traditional art can come in any form, just be sure to have a high quality photo for the art book’s photo.

At the end of the exhibition, the art will be sent to Jung Wheein as a present.

Note: some of the pieces may not be displayed due to limitations of the venue, but it will be included in the book and will be included in stickers, photo cards, and post cards.

The art book produced is a present, but there may be a purchasable version in the future.

See the details below! Languages included: Korean and English.

Mamamoo carte blanche


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  1. For Lovelyz February 9, 2018

    Interesting and cool project, great way to unite international and Korean moomoos

  2. xtinachengx February 9, 2018

    Awesome – great to hear this news

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