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Fan Project: Matthew Wants Monsta X!

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OSKP welcomes you all back for another fan project we are beyond excited to share.

The team was contacted for the latest Protocol Monbebe movement!  This time around, the Monbebe group is trying to capture Starship Entertainment and Monsta X’s attention for a potential collaboration.

@MatthewACherry is a Twitter user who has shown his admiration for K-Pop in the past.  Every once in a while, he’ll Tweet out something glorious, in the K-Pop world, that fans become extremely excited about.  His latest Tweet; a call for Monsta X to do a collaboration with him.  In his Tweet, seen above, he shares a track of his from the upcoming movie A Wrinkle In Time, while asking for the potential of a collaboration on a music video.

That brings us to the project portion.  If you’ve seen some of the past fan projects we’ve shared, you’ll probably recognize Protocol Monbebe.  Well, they’re back and they’re wanting to make sure Starship truly takes this into consideration.  Their project is simple; Tweet out #MatthewWantsMonstaX with these accounts tagged:    .  Each tag is another chance for Starship to consider the opportunity. You’re more than welcome to tag  as well.

Please keep the posts clean and appropriate for all audiences and good luck!

Monsta X Matthew Cherry


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