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Fan Project: The Monbebe Olympics for Monsta X on Variety Shows

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Monbebes all over are joining the various teams for this leg of the Monbebe Olympics.  This ongoing project features 4 teams; Team Fire, Team Water, Team Air, and Team Earth.

So far, the group has be plugging along at improving views and spreading the word about Monsta X.  For the newest leg of the Olympics, they are attempting to get Monsta X on variety shows!

Team Fire and Team Water are pairing up to get Monsta X on Knowing Brother or Ask us Anything.

Team Earth and Team Air are pairing up to get Monsta X on Hello Counselor.


Tend something like;

on Twitter.  Communicate with fellow monbebes to spread the word


Runs until September 22.

Example Tweet

Let’s get Monsta X on Hello Counselor! #MonstaXonHelloCounselor

Join in the project and help the boys out!

Contact @MXMB_Project for more!

Monsta x Monbebe Olympics


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