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Fan Project: Monsta X Spotlight Ocean In Newark (And More)

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Welcome back to another fan project!  This time around, one of the lovely members from the Monsta X in Newark Team Beautiful contacted us about a new fan project that seems rather exciting!

The Newark Location seems to be planning quite a few things, which can be found on their Facebook.  They are working on a signed flag, bias hearts, light ocean, and ice create “Truck Cake”.  Donations will help the team to provide various perks for fans including stickers, glowsticks, photo cards, pins, and more.

Overall the project is aims to create a spotlight ocean during the concert!  They want to keep the entire venue lit through the night, but not just through the light sticks.  Overall, through the efforts of fundraising, they want to distribute glowsticks so the entire venue is glowing throughout the concert.

How can you participate?

Spread the word about the project and help raise funds through donations! There are 4 donations tiers, each getting their own respective items.

Tier 1: $5 includes photo cards and stickers

Tier 2: $10 includes photo cards, stickers, and a wristband

Tier 3: $15 includes photo cards, stickers, a wristband, and a pin

Tier 4: $20 includes photo cards, stickers, wristbands, pinks, and a hand fan

If you would like to donate and not receive perks, you can do that too!

Donations are open until 06/30/2018 and funding can be sent to northeastfanprojects@gmail.com through PayPal.

Items can be shipped to you for an additional cost, including shipping.

Please refer to this form for donation information

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to the team on their Facebook.

Monsta X Nawwark Monsta X Nawwark Monsta X Nawwark

Monsta X Newark


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  1. Aveline D April 6, 2018

    this is great, hope it will sucess!

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