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Fan Project Success: Monsta X notices Monbebe’s efforts on latest V-Live

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We post quite a few fan projects, but more often than not, we don’t see the followup for how successful they were.

In the latest V-Live from the group, the boys, minus Wonho, were just talking about various things, including their comeback with The Code.

Around 19:10 you can see Kihyun look at his phone in fascination as he points out the cute fan project the V-Live Monbebes did.  These dedicated fans spelt “The Code MX Dramarama” with the top 20 members from the fan board.

You could tell how excited the group was about the fan’s project.  Minhyuk was probably the most vocal about it too!  Hyungwon hilariously asked the last person to change their icon!  Because of that, the full set was made!

Check out the screenshots below from @BlueFlower1096.   If you ever need inspiration for your fan project, be sure to remember this.Mosnta X The Code Dramarama Fan Project Mosnta X The Code Dramarama Fan Project Mosnta X The Code Dramarama Fan Project

The group just made their comeback with The Code featuring the incredible track “Dramarama“.

Thanks to @BlueFlower1096 who tipped us off to this!

Mosnta X The Code Dramarama Fan Project


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  1. Rachael L. November 7, 2017

    this is so awesome!!!!!!

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