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Fan Project: #THANKYOUMONSTAX video for Monsta X’s first music show win

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Monsta X recently won their first music show award for their latest title track “Dramarama“.

While Monbebe everywhere rejoiced and shed tears of joy, nothing could beat the speechless tears of the boys on stage as the shock hit them. In various interviews after the fact, the boys seemed like they were lost in the clouds with disbelief a prominent emotion.

Since their debut, the group has worked endlessly to achieve their first music show win.  While they’ve won various music awards, the’d yet to get their win on the weekly comeback stage for any of their prior performances, including those for “Beautiful”, “All In” and “Shine Forever”.  At some point, they gave up trying to win first and just focused on trying to give their fans the best possible album they could.

That paid off and they took the win against some mighty competition with EXID and Block B in the same running.

Well, they won, that’s a fact!

This group, as usual, is just too loving to their fans and in their thank you video, they did a full bow.

That leads us to this new project – the video bow.

Monsta X Europe is running a project using the hashtag #THANKYOUMONSTAX asking people to bow and film or take a picture and post it in the various social media to celebrate their win and express their thanks for their hard work and wonderful music.

Join the project!



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