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Fan Project: VAMPZ streaming of VAV’s new music video “She’s Mine”

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There’s a new streaming project underway and you won’t want to miss it!

VAV recently released a new music video for their latest track, “She’s Mine“. To celebrate and show the boys just how much they like it, VAMPZ, their fanbase, are streaming as much as possible!


YouTube streaming galore!  The goal is to try and get to the magical number of 4 – 5 million views!

Use the hashtag #ShesMine, #Vav, and #VAVComeback for any promotional material or mention of the group.


Make sure that you’re logged out of your YouTube Account before playing the video.  There are various playlists but you can also contact the host, @aestheticVAV, for the official playlist for streaming.

VAV Streaming Shes Mine


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