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Fans demanded Produce 101 group JBJ to be brought to life, and their wishes might be granted!

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Kim Yong Guk (rank 21), Kwon Hyun Bin (rank 22), Takada Kenta (rank 24), HOTSHOT’s Kid Monster – Noh Tae Hyun (rank 25), Topp Dogg’s A-Tom – Kim Sang Gyun (rank 26), Kim Dong Han (rank 29), and Kim Tae Dong (rank 30) from Produce 101 Season 2 are currently in discussion to actually form ‘JBJ’!

The group has kept in contact since the event and fans imagined them growing big, with photoshopped album covers and various other items coming out left and right.

Despite the fact that each of the members are in different labels, their labels are supporting the group.  Currently, YGK Plus’ Kwon Hyun Bin is the only member who hasn’t confirmed that he will be joining the group.

The group is aiming to Debut in September so they don’t overlap with Wanna One’s promotional period.

Get ready!  We might be getting the dream group!

UPDATE: Kwon Hyun Bin has been added to the group officially!  Discussions are still in progress for when the group will officially debut.


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