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Fans Furious About Treatment Of Groups And Fans At Kpop Knight

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KPOP Knight was an event starring Seven (Se7en), Monsta X, Seven O’Clock, and Tahiti that took places in Wembley, located in the UK on January 27, 2018.

The event was supposed to be jam packed and many were excited to see the idols perform. However, there were a few issue that occurred that left fans up in arms.  To start, fans doubted the validity of the company selling the tickets.  The tickets were placed on sale about a month before the event, and fans were unsure whether or not they were a safe place to purchase from.  Initially the tickets were £170 for the VIP standing area, but were lowered to £120 and raised back up to £170 periodically.  The week prior to the event, the tickets were lowered to about 50% the original cost.  With all the strange price jumps, only about 700 of the 12,000 – 13,000 tickets actually sold.

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Now, here’s where it gets a bit more interesting.  Fans were being let in for free to try and fill space during the concert.  So, those fans, who are not to blame wrong by any means, were standing alongside fans who paid for the tickets, which definitely rubbed people the wrong way.

The concert was 2 hours in total, giving all artists only 30 minutes to perform. Also, many fans are reporting that Monsta X’s hotel information was revealed by the company hosting the concert.  To top it off, Monsta X was called ‘snobbish’ because they were refusing an interview that was unplanned.

Now, despite all the negativity of the event, the groups did seem to have fun and the attendees enjoyed the concert. However, it must have been hard for the groups to perform while seeing such an empty venue.

Fans from all over adore the groups, and OSKP wants to do a little something as a company to spread the love!  We are hoping that you, the fans, will help out.  Spread the love with well wishes for the groups with the hashtags #WeLoveYouMonstaX, #WeLoveYouSeven #WeLoveYou7OClock, and #WeLoveYouTahiti!  Turn those negatives into positives that the groups can look at!

DISCLAIMER:  All information found on various posts from Twitter and Facebook.  No information was confirmed with Kpop Knight’s hosts.

Kpop Knight UK



  1. hwijin_21 January 28, 2018

    Hmm..this news is saddening ?

  2. Sabina January 28, 2018

    oof that sounds terrible

  3. luckicandigirl January 28, 2018

    🙁 ouch…

  4. katielilac January 29, 2018

    I saw this on twitter

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