FAVORITE release highlight medley for upcoming debut album ‘My Favorite’


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FAVORITE is getting ready to make their debut with their first album, My Favorite.  As part of their preparations, the girls have released a highlight medley video to give fans a preview of what to expect.

The preview allows fans to listen to the title track, “Party Time” and the various other tracks (“My Day”, “Hello”, and “With All The Strength”.

Stay tuned for the full release of the album on July 5, 2017 and watch the clip below!

Check out the album details and other promotional material here!

UPDATE: There’s a new teaser in town!  This teaser is similar to their previous teaser for “Party Time”, but features a beautiful forest and the girls walking around with clocks and mirrors places sporadically.

Check it out!

UPDATE: A third eerie, yet elegant, teaser has been released!