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FIESTAR’s Contract Comes To Close And Members Departing

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FIRSTAR seems to have come to an end.

The members of FIESTAR will be going their own ways after their contract expirations.  The group’s contract ended on April 30, 2018, and the members have all departed the agency except Cao Lu who is currently in discussion.

Linzy, Yezi, Hyemi, and Jei have left Fave Entertainment for their own endeavors.  Jei and Linzy have already signed with other agencies to pursue careers in actign while Hyemi and Yezi are working on planning out their next moves.  Cao Lu still has a short time on her contract, with it ending near the end of May.

The group originally made their debut in 2012 with 6 members, then continued as 5 when Cheska departed in 2014.  Their last single album, “Apple Pie” was released back in May of 2016.  Since then, the group has been on hiatus and doing things on their own.

We wish each of them the best of luck on their future paths and thank them for their incredible time together!



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