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Topp Dogg’s ‘First Street’ first full length album review

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On November 7, 2016, the 9 remaining members of Topp Dogg announced the release of their first full-length album First Street through the Hunus Entertainment label.  Long time fans were overloaded with a healthy dose of anticipation at what these boys would deliver this time.  With the loss of 4 members since the start of the group, it was unclear whether they would stick to the same style or try to reinvent themselves with something more suited to the remaining members.

First Street

The album opens up with “Perfume”, a lovely piece featuring horns, harmony, and rap paired with all sorts of synthetic sounds that give the piece character.  Plus, you have the fact that A–Tom and Yano participated in the writing of the lyrics!  Follow that up with “Rainy Day” and you definitely can see the differences in style.  This song is far more tranquil sounding than the others as it describes a man looking back and missing a former love while in the rain.  Woah nelly, let’s get a bit deep with this track.  Despite the sadder seeming topic, the song definitely has an upbeat feel.  It also helps that the music video is absolutely on point and has recently hit over 1 million views on YouTube!

The head-bobbing beats are back with “Sunshine”, featuring a nice mix of singing and rap.  This song really showcases the groups growth, especially when paired with “Rainy Day“.  No doubt this will be a summer road-trip track.  “뭐랄까나” (I Mean) really had that 90’s feel (in a good way, of course) and from the reviews I’ve seen, I’m not the only one who experienced a few flashbacks.

“Flower” incorporates a more traditional R&B feel with the add-in of flutes.  The lyrics are also really lovely.  Like most of the tracks, they feel like they tell a story when you take the time to read/listen.  “Blind” took the feel back to some of the older albums, with a more prominent beat and really fun introduction.  Like most of the songs on this track list, “Good Morning” carries on the feel-good theme.  With the sweet, higher pitch, and slight jazzy feel, this is definitely the kind of song you could just close your eyes and feel.  Carrying on the jazz theme, “Emotion” ties that in with slightly auto-tuned vocals and a great beat.

As a whole, this album is absolutely charming as well as, well planned and executed.  

Track List:

01. Perfume
02. 비가 와서 그래 (Rainy day
03. Sunshine 
04. 뭐랄까나
05. Flower
06. Blind
07. Good Morning
08. Emotion (Glitch mix)
09. 비가 와서 그래 (Inst.)
10. Sunshine (Inst.)

The album is currently available in both Digital and CD form.  Check it out on amazon! The amazon album includes a copy of the CD, a photobook, 1 random photocard of a single member (there’s a 1 in 9 chance to get your favorite!), and a poster (1 of 2).


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