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FlaShe (플래쉬) Gives A Fun And Flirty Performance In “베이비로션(BabyLotion)” Music Video

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The four-member girl group, FlaShe, released their fourth special single “Baby Lotion” on June 2nd and it is adorable!

The music video is incredibly fun and flirty, with winks and hair flips everywhere. And glitter, which is always a plus.

The multiple small settings of the video surround the group with vivid color. Everything gives off such a cheerful vibe you can’t help but smile and move along to the beat. The girls dance and sing in a street set with miniature buildings painted in bright pinks and pastel blues, with tiny bubbles swirling around them. We also see the green of a soccer field, which later takes on a red, orange, and blue hue. Even the members’ hair colors match this cheerful theme; Narae with purple, Minseo with red, Yerin with orange, and Seryeong with dark brown.

The four girls are dressed in the cutest outfits as well, with some aspects portraying an athletic look.

The song itself is upbeat and easy to jam out to! It has the kind of chorus that you’ll find yourself singing without realizing it. And that rap break is amazing, giving us both sass and flair.

The dance is just as adorable as the visuals. The members positively portray the fun they’re having in their movements. Each member is also given a little bit of their own screentime when dancing with little solo moments.

This music video and song were incredibly enjoyable to watch and listen to, and we hope you enjoy it as well!

Visit FlaShe’s official YouTube Channel to watch other music videos and singles the group has released, and check out “Baby Lotion” below!

Flashe BabyLotion MV

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