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Got7 Fly Music Video Review by One Stop K-Pop

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Got7’s “Fly” may not have a story associated with the video, but it does have a catchy beat and a lovely dance.

The costumes in “Fly” were rather simple overall.  For the daytime shots, the boys wore shiny, blue bomber jackets, white shirts, and khaki pants.  For the evening shots they wore all black except for a shiny, orange bomber jackets.  I actually enjoyed how simple the outfits were, especially since they didn’t take away from the dance and gave them the freedom to move.

There wasn’t much too the set, which put the focus solely on the dance.  The only real thing to note is the shift in the daylight.

The song incorporates a mix of R&B and Hip-hop.  Their style can definitely be described as experimental, but it doesn’t sound bad, it flows extremely well.

The movements in this dance are very fluid.  Despite the slow sections in the song, it always feels like there is action going on in some sense.  The chorus portion is extremely fun and incorporates ‘flying’ type movements.

Got7 Fly Music Video Review

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