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Former Topp Dogg Member, Hansol, Opens GoFundMe For Dance Projects

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Hansol, formerly a member of Topp Dogg, has opened a GoFundMe in order to create a new dance video series!

In late September, Hunus Entertainment released a statement confirming Hansol’s departure from the Topp Dogg.  Since then, fans have been waiting patiently to see what his next steps were.

It looks like the wait is over!

Hansol opened a GoFundMe with the help of a fan located in the United States.  He’s hoping to earn $5,000 USD in order to create a new dance series, Glass Mask.  With the funding, he will create a 5 part series, with three video dance clips, Key, Confession, and Glass Mask.  Two additional story clips, Shadow and Waking Up, will be created as well.

The first set of donations will be put towards the creation Shadow and one of the dance videos.

If you choose to contribute, be sure to include your name and email.  Those who help will be included as producers in the video.  30 lucky fans will also be given a Glass Mask photocard, hand-written thank you letter, and Mary Kiko accessory.  One lucky person will get the ‘brother’s diary’.

For those wary about donations, it states in the GoFundMe that “since GoFundMe is not available in Korea, the account will be managed by my friend in USA. The donations will be transferred to me through Western Union once the goal (5000 USD) is reached.”

Be sure to check it out on GoFundMe!

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  1. Vanessa December 10, 2017

    Good luck, it’s great idea

  2. riseok December 10, 2017

    omg i love hansol i hope this will work out

  3. Stan talent, stan Monsta X December 10, 2017

    Hope it’s successful for him!

  4. Antonia December 10, 2017

    Wow thank you so much for letting us know! Will definitely help him, Hansol is such a sweet and talented child, I hope he reaches the goals quickly and can show us his art ASAP <33

  5. Sofia P December 10, 2017

    ?? He’s so thoughtful

  6. Cristina Blanaru December 10, 2017

    I totally love this guy.

  7. So proud of him!!! Fighting Hansol~~

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