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f(x)’s Amber posts concerning message on Instagram

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f(x) is a girl group under S.M. Entertainment.  They’ve been around since 2009 and have released 4 full-length albums.  They are composed of four members: Amber, Krystal, Luna, and Victoria.

Amber just took to Instagram with a cryptic message that has many fans worried.  With a completely blacked out image and strange text, many fans are concerned for her wellbeing and mental health.

Check out the message below.

I’ve given my everything. I tried to work things out. Whether it be the creative or business, I’ve been doing everything myself for years so I can to keep myself afloat. But in the end, I’m continuously neglected, hurt, and taken advantage of. I’ve been patient… the fans have been extremely patient and I can’t take it anymore just sitting around, waiting, being constantly rejected and given false hope. I’m so tired mentally and physically and this is where I draw the line. No more.

f(x) Amber Instagram Post

From the sounds of it, she’s moving on and taking a step towards focusing on her rather than waiting for others to do right by her.  Hopefully we will have more clarity soon, but until then, all we can do it provide love and support.  Feel free to add positive comments to her Instagram!  Whatever she’s going through, fans will do whatever they can to support her.

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