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Gayoung and Jeonyul bid farewell to Twinkle and Stellar

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Jeonyul and Gayoung of STELLAR will be taking their leave when their contracts with Pascal Entertainment end later this month.  The group recently made a comeback with the help of crowdfunding site, MakeStar, but it doesn’t seem to have been successful enough to keep the ladies going!

The company released the statement that Gayoung and Jeonyul, who’ve been with the group since the beginning, have decided to graduate from the group with the end of their contracts near.

The decision didn’t come easy, since the girl’s have been working hard as STELLAR for the past 7 years.

Gayoung sent out a strong thank you for all of those that supported them over the past years.

Jeonyul stated “I never imagined the day would come where I would write a letter like this,” in her letter, and continued on to state “The day that I first stood on stage with STELLAR is still vivid in my memory, but the time has already passed away like this. We spent a lot of time thinking over this decision, so although it’s regrettable, please don’t be sad. I think I was able to become a better person through the love we have received from all of you. I will never forget your support and I will cherish all the memories we made together.”

The two urged fans to continue supporting the group!


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