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Rookie Group GBB’s Lead Vocalist Doori Involved In Car Accident

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Rookie group GBB’s lead vocalist, Doori, was in a car accident.

The group just dropped their debut album, Girls Be The Best, and are working on the promotional work for the album.  The group consists of 5 members in total, including a member rom Singapore.  Many of the lovely ladies have been recognized, including Doori, in various beauty contests.

Doori was preparing to go to the broadcast on May 2, 2018 and took a taxi to get to her location.  During the ride, her taxi was caught up in an accident, but thankfully, no injuries beyond bruising were sustained.  She’s confirmed with the hospital that there are no other injuries and should start healing soon!

Best of luck on her recovery and congratulations to the group for their debut!

GBB Doori Accident


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  1. Get well soon!

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