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Get ready for new boy band IZ!

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Music K Entertainment, home to Hong Jin Young and Kim Ju Na, and former home to THE ARK, will be debuting their first boy group! IZ, short for Open Your Eyes, will consist of 4 members; Jihoo, drummer Woosu, guitarist Hyunjun, and bassist Junyoung. Jihoo will serve as the leader and vocalist of the group, who’s average age is only 18.

IZ has actually been working hard for the past 2 years to prepare for their debut by performing at schools! They’ve released their first teaser image for their upcoming debut in August!

Stay tuned for more information on their debut.

UPDATE: IZ will be making their debut on August 16, 2017!  They have also named their fan club, I LUV!


UPDATE: IZ will officially be making their debut!  The group will debut on August 31, 2017!

Stay tuned!



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