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GFRIEND releases stunning teasers of Yuju and Eunha for ‘Rainbow’

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GFRIEND is spoiling fans with so many teaser images for their upcoming repackaged album, Rainbow.  Previously, we got 4 teasers each for Yerin and Sowon and now we have 4 additional teasers for both Yuju and Eunha!

The two lovely ladies look absolutely amazing in their summer dresses with sweet smiles gracing their faces.

Stay tuned for the release of their 5th mini album repackage to drop on September 13, 2017 and check out their teasers below.

gfriend_yuju_rainbow_3 V gfriend_yuju_rainbow_1 gfriend_yuju_rainbow_ gfriend_eunha_rainbow_3 gfriend_eunha_rainbow_2 1gfriend_eunha_rainbow_ gfriend_eunha_rainbow_


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