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(G)-I-DLE ((여자)아이들) Appear In Dance Relay With Track “LATATA”

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On May 8th, Mnet’s M2 Channel released (G)-I-DLE’s relay dance video for their debut track “Latata”!

If you haven’t seen (G)-I-DLE’s debut music video you can watch that beautiful thing right here! Honestly, you should watch it, it’s super fun.

If you have in fact watched the music video, the next step is to watch their dance relay! In case you don’t know what a dance relay is, it’s exactly what it sounds like. The featured group will stand in a single file line and each person will perform a small section of the song before moving to the back of the line. It’s pretty simple really. If you aren’t familiar with dance relays by now, you’ve been missing some fun stuff and should definitely go binge watch all your favorites dance!

As you already know, in this dance relay video, we get to watch as rookie girl group (G)-I-DLE perform their debut track “Latata”!  Fans were able to die over the girls super fun outfits. (Honestly, they’re amazing and I wish I could pull even one of those off.) But this video was also a lot of fun because we got to see a bit of each member’s personalities shine as they performed the choreography, which is very visually appealing. The dance itself seems to have a mix of complex and simple moves but is fun to watch and works really well alongside the song, and the girls seem to be having a lot of fun performing it too!

In addition to the little quirks, excellent fashion, and adorable personalities we get to listen to the track itself! “Latata” is a song with an excellent balance of slow and fast-paced portions. As well as a hearty mix of bass levels. The vocal talent of this rookie group is seriously nothing to laugh at either! It seems pretty rare that a rookie group is so vocally on point in their debut track! These girls give a great performance with both their choreography and their vocals.

It’ll be a fun adventure to see what these gorgeous and talented girls do next!

(G)I-Dle Latata relay dance


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  1. Just discovered them a few days ago and I really love them already!

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