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GIRLKIND Takes Fans Through The Ages With Various Boys Group Dance Covers

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GIRLKIND take fans through the ages of K-Pop while performing dances to the hit songs of each of the ‘eras’.

These lovely ladies may have only made their debut recently, but they are already on a mission to show of their dancing skills!  And they’re succeeding.  In their latest video, they worked with Dingo Music to do a ‘through the ages’ K-Pop male dance cover.  From EXO to BTS to H.O.T, and even going back to the early 90’s, they dress for the era and perform the dances with ease.

Complex moves? Simple for these ladies!

High energy performances? That’s nothing for these ladies!

Watch GIRLKIND perform a massive boy group dance cover in the video below!

GIRLKIND Boy Group Dance


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  1. Josy (@JosyBe1) April 13, 2018

    i love it when groups cover other groups dances and songs!

  2. myworldgkey April 13, 2018

    great job!

  3. imkkukkingie April 14, 2018

    Good job!

  4. Mardhiah Omar April 14, 2018

    oh my goodness they are totally talented in dancing!!!

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