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GIRLKIND Show Off Stunning Visuals In New Music Video Teaser For “S.O.R.R.Y”

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Update June 7, 2018:

GIRLKIND show off their new style in the the stunning new music video teaser for “S.O.R.R.Y”.

Update June 5, 2018:

GIRLKIND revealed the name of their upcoming 2nd digital single! The group will be returning with “S.O.R.R.Y”, also more easily referred to as just “Sorry”.  The lovely ladies revealed the name in adorable teaser photos.  Check them out below.

girlkind-sorrygirlkind-sorryOriginal Article:

GIRLKIND are making their first comeback!

The girl group made their debut with “FANCI” in early January of 2018.  They came at us hard with a distinct hip-hop style and killer dance moves.  Their upcoming 2nd mini album is supposedly taking on a new style!  The teasers, and scheduler, released so far feature the girls posing in cute summer outfits and giving off the ‘girl-nextdoor’ vibe.

According to their scheduler, the group will be making their return with their second mini album on June 11, 2018.  GIRLKIND already revealed the teasers of Ellyn, Xeheun, SUn J, JK, and Medic Jin!

Check out their stunning teasers below and stay tuned!

GIRLKIND Comeback 2018vGIRLKIND Comeback 2018GIRLKIND Comeback 2018GIRLKIND Comeback 2018GIRLKIND Comeback 2018GIRLKIND Comeback 2018


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