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Girl’s Day are powerful in their Everyday 5 Highlight Medley

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The beautiful ladies of Girl’s Day have been releasing teasers left and right.  We first got to see the absolutely stunning photo teasers of Hyeri and Minah, followed by the jaw dropping video posts featuring Sojin and Yura as well as Hyeri and Minahs fierce video posts.  We also just got the stunning group image featuring all the lovely members.

Now, we have the highlight medley for the album Everyday 5.  The album contains the songs “I’ll be Yours”, “Thirsty”, “Love Again”, “Kumbaya”, “Truth”, “Don’t Be Shy”, and and instrumental version of “I’ll be Yours”.  A couple of the songs are actually solo tracks!

The album is available on March 27, 2017, so be ready!

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