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B.A.P Kpop

Go behind the scenes of B.A.P’s latest music video “Honeymoon”

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B.A.P’s latest track, “Honeymoon” is a masterpiece of beautiful vocals, visuals, and killer raps.  The music video for “Honeymoon” is striking and beautiful, just like the boys in it!

Check out all the photos of the boys on set for the music video!  From serious to playful, there’s a mix of things tossed into this photo reel!

Check out the photos of Daehyun, Yongguk, Zelo, Youngjae, Himchan, and Jongup below!

bap-honeymoon-zelo2 bap-honeymoon-18 bap-honeymoon-19 bap-honeymoon-20 bap-honeymoon-21 bap-honeymoon-22 bap-honeymoon-23 bap-honeymoon-24 bap-honeymoon-25 bap-honeymoon-26 bap-honeymoon-27 bap-honeymoon-28 29bap-honeymoon- bap-honeymoon-30 bap-honeymoon-31 bap-honeymoon-32 bap-honeymoon-34 bap-honeymoon-35 bap-honeymoon-36 bap-honeymoon-37

bap-honeymoon-zelo2 bap-honeymoon-jongup bap-honeymoon-17 bap-honeymoon-16 bap-honeymoon-15 bap-honeymoon-14 bap-honeymoon-12 bap-honeymoon-13 bap-honeymoon-11 bap-honeymoon-10 bap-honeymoon-9 bap-honeymoon-8 bap-honeymoon-7 bap-honeymoon-6 bap-honeymoon-zelo bap-honeymoon-fairy bap-honeymoon-blue-mullet bap-honeymoon-mullet bap-honeymoon-youngjae bap-honeymoon-5 bap-honeymoon-daehyun2 bap-honeymoon-daehyun bap-honeymoon-himchan bap-honeymoon-3 bap-honeymoon-yongguk2 bap-honeymoon-yongguk


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