Golden Child (골든차일드) Release Practice Video for “What Happened? (내 눈을 의심해)”


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On November 9th Golden Child (골든차일드) released the practice video for their track “What Happened?”

“What Happened? (내 눈을 의심해)” is a track off of the eleven-member group’s debut mini-album “Gol-Cha!” that was released this past August. The dance practice video was released on both the Golden Child VLive channel as well as their youtube.

As the video begins the viewer is greeted with giant smiles and a very cute aesthetic. The boys are shown in their practice room, stylishly dressed, and ready for action. As the music starts and the dance begins, the choreography takes on a kaleidoscopic effect revealing all of the previously hidden members.

As they are revealed the cute aesthetic lives on in their fun choreography and happy expressions. The choreography matches the cute style of the song very well, as well as maintaining more intricate footwork and a youthful appearance. The members also all dance with excitement and are clearly doing their best to give a sweet and refreshing performance. And through their cleanly executed movements and perfectly timed aegyo, the boys accomplish exactly that!

The song itself is cute, upbeat, and overall fun to listen to. The pairing of the choreography with the song makes for an exhilarating visual and audio experience perfect for anyone!

So if you have yet to watch the video, you can do so here!

Golden Child What Happened