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Golden Child Dropped The Album Preview For ‘Goldenness’

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Update July 2, 2018:

Golden Child release the preview for all of their tracks from Goldenness. Take a listen below.

Update June 30, 2018:

Golden Child released the long version of their teaser for “Let Me”, the title track of their upcoming single album, Goldenness.  Watch it below.

Update June 29, 2018:

Golden Child drop their track list for Goldenness!  The upcoming single album will have 3 tracks in total, “Let Me”, “If”, and “Thank You”. Check it out below.

goldenchild-tracklistUpdate June 28, 2018:

Golden Child dropped their second adorable group concept photo for their upcoming return with their first single album, Goldenness.

goldennessUpdate June 27, 2018:

Golden Child released their fun-loving teaser video, the short version, for their return with “Goldenness”.  Watch it below!

Update June 26, 2018:

Golden Child drop the second wave of concept photos for their upcoming return with Goldenness.

goldenchildgoldenchildgoldenchildgoldenchildgoldenchildgoldenchildgoldenchildgoldenchildgoldenchildgoldenchildUpdate June 25, 2018:

Golden Child released the group concept teaser for their upcoming return with the digital single Goldenness.  Check out the teaser below.

Golden-Child-groupUpdate June 24, 2018:

Golden Child released the teaser for members Tag and Joochan for their upcoming digital single Goldenness.  Check out their adorable teaser images below.

TagJoochanUpdate June 23, 2018:

Golden Child’s Daeyeol and Seungmin feature in the next two teaser images for their upcoming single album Goldenness.

golden-child-daeyeolgolden-child-seungminUpdate June 22, 2018:

Jangjun and Donghyun feature in the next set of teaser images for Golden Child’s upcoming single.

golden-child-donghyungolden-child-jangjunUpdate June 21, 2018:

Golden Child continue to show off their playful visuals with teasers of Jibeom and Y! Check out the teasers below.

golden-child-goldenness2golden-child-goldennessOriginal Article:

Golden Child drop Jaehyun and Bomin’s colorful teasers for their upcoming return with their first single album.  The single should be released on July 4, 2018, according to the teaser images.  There are also mysterious barcodes on the teasers.

The announcement and teasers come shortly after Goldenness, their fan club, were dubbed!

Check them out below and stay tuned for more.


Golden Child 1st single album


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