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Golden Child Drop Fun New Music Video For “Genie”

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Update October 24, 2018:

Golden Child released the music video for “Genie!”.  The video features our bright boys showing off a pleasant melody and energetic dance moves.

Watch Golden Child’s comeback with “Genie” below.

Update October 21, 2018:

Golden Child dropped a short look into their upcoming title track “Genie”.  Watch it below.

Update October 19, 2018:

Golden Child released new handsome teasers for their upcoming return.  Check them out below.

GC-wishGC-wishGC-wishGC-wishGC-wishGC-wishGC-wishGC-wishGC-wishGC-wishUpdate October 18, 2018:

Check out the latest set of teaser videos!

Update October 17, 2018:

Golden Child spoiled fans with individual “Wish” trailers for the members.  Watch them below.

Update October 16, 2018:

Golden Child released handsome new teaser images for Golden Child’s upcoming release of Wish.  Check them out below.

golden-child-wishgolden-child-wishgolden-child-wishgolden-child-wishgolden-child-wishgolden-child-wishgolden-child-wishgolden-child-wishgolden-child-wishgolden-child-wishUpdate October 15, 2018:

Golden Child previewed their upcoming third mini album, Wish featuring the title track “Genie” in their new album preview.  Take a listen below.

Original Article:

Golden Child announce their upcoming October return!

Woollim Entertainment released a surprise video for Golden Child’s upcoming return on October 15, 2018.  The video followed the boys as they wandered around the city, with the album release revealed to be October 24, 2018.

Watch Golden Child’s first teaser for their return below.

Golden Child 2018 Comeback


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