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Golden Child Kpop Music Videos

Golden Child (골든차일드) Release Outstanding Choreography Music Video For “LADY”

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We see you, Golden Child.

This 10-member boy group gives fans a look at the entire choreography for their recent comeback hit “LADY” released March 13th, 2018. And man, can these boys dance.

The group is seen performing atop a helipad and inside an industrial-esque room as they expertly execute the moves. The choreo is so incredibly in sync and is a mix of sharpness and elegance that perfectly matches the tone of the song. It’s as if the entire group is moving as one and it’s incredible to see. And the boys make it look so effortless.

The group finishes with a beautiful dance sequence to accompany the piano at the end of the song when there are no vocals present. This sequence is the cherry on top of a marvelous choreography music video.

Golden Child continues to show their potential with each music video they release. Check out the Choreography Version of “LADY” below and show the boys your encouragement and support!

Golden Child Lady Choreography


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  1. Dianav April 3, 2018

    Is so goooodddd asvsjajdasgshsja

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