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Golden Child Kpop

Golden Child releases a new set of photos and making of video

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Golden Child released more individual photos of each of the members, as well as a making of video.  The photos are just absolutely adorable, and the making of video is a very sweet way of introducing the members!

Check it out below and check out all the photos!

golden-child-bo-min-1 golden-child-joo-chan golden-child-dong-hyun golden-child-ji-beom golden-child-jae-hyun golden-child-seung-min golden-child-tag golden-child-jang-jun golden-child-jae-seok golden-child-y golden-child-dae-yeol

UPDATE: They just released full body shots of the boys!

golden-child-daeyeol golden-child-y1 golden-child-jaeseok golden-child-jangjun golden-child-tag1 golden-child-seungmin golden-child-jaehyun golden-child-jibeom golden-child-donghyun golden-child-joochan golden-child-bomin


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