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Golden Child Kpop

Golden Child takes fans behind the scenes of their special project

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Woollim Entertainment released another batch of photos and a making of video for their upcoming group Golden Child.  Each of the 11 members pose individually and in units on benches and train tracks while dressed casual and stylish.

Check out the photos below and watch the behind the scenes footage!

golden-child-june-11 golden-child-june-10 golden-child-june-9 golden-child-june-8 golden-child-june-7 golden-child-june-6 golden-child-june-5 golden-child-june-4 golden-child-june-3 golden-child-june-2 golden-child-june-1 golden-child-june-17 golden-child-june-15 golden-child-june-14 golden-child-june-13 golden-child-june-12


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