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GOT7 Spills Some Secrets On Good Day New York

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The ever-incredible GOT7 joined the crew of Good Day New York to give the fans some little-known fun facts about themselves!

The boys were in New York on July 11th for the North American leg of their ‘Eyes On You’ world tour. While in the city, they joined the two wonderful hosts for Good Day New York on FOX5.

The hosts asked the boys to begin by introducing themselves. The boys went into their proper group greeting before going around the couch and giving individual introductions.

GOT7 will be performing at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, and they were asked to explain what is to be expected at the concert. BamBam began, saying this tour includes their second-ever show in New York. He said he was incredibly excited, as the last concert they had in New York was in a much smaller venue compared to what they will be performing at this time around.

When asked if the group gets nervous before a show, Jackson and Mark explained how they did in the past. Jackson continues and says they’re now more excited than nervous.

The hosts continue and ask just how GOT7 came to be; what’s their “backstory.” Jinyoung says they all met for the first time 7 or 8 years ago in the company training room. BamBam goes more in-depth and talks about the debut process of training with a large group of people and trying out for different “projects.” Yugyeom explained it as a “survival” in seeing who would succeed in the end and create a group.

One host, Rosanna Scotto, explains she listened to ‘Look’ before the show the night before. She asks JB if his inspiration for the song came from any personal love experience. JB, a little flustered, said part came from experience and part came from his imagination or from watching movies/tv shows.

The boys are then asked to say something about themselves the fans might not be familiar with.

Mark starts, explaining he has stitches on his chin and forehead from riding bikes. Papa Tuan confessed it was his fault. (Don’t beat yourself up, Papa Tuan!)

Jinyoung said it’s hard for him to say “I love you,” but explains it’s because he’d rather have the situation explain his feelings for him.

Jackson said he loves to take bubble baths and do yoga.

Yugyeom said he likes to drink his chocolate milk with ice.

JB showed his missing tooth and said he’s going to be getting a tooth implant soon.

BamBam explains that his name is indeed BamBam, and how his mom was inspired by The Flintstones character.

And finally, Youngjae said he bought a record but doesn’t have a record player.

Check out the full interview below!

GOT7 Good Day New York


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