GOT7 did an incredible live performance for “A”

Got7 A Live Radio Performance

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The radio show performances by all these K-Pop groups are just amazing.  We normally only see the stage performances or the studio edits, so seeing a live performance is a refreshing change of pace.

Got7’s “A” is a catchy song to begin with, but watching the guys go into their own little world as they sing along makes it eve better.  With the synchronized waves, Jackson being in his own world, the strange skirt thing all the fans are talking about BamBam wearing, and the beautiful vocal line, there’s a lot to love in this radio performance.

The best part, I bet if they did this now, it’d sound even better since this video is originally from June 7, 2014, when they were super fresh and new.  With all the practice and training they’ve gotten since then, I’m sure they’d own it.