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Got7 must rescue plushies in Real Got7 Episode 5

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Got7 has returned with their latest series on V-Live.  In the previous episode, the boys split into two groups.  The first group went to get their tarot cards done while the second group started off looking for a massage parlor, but ended up just eating.  In this episode, the boys must rescue the plushies within a 50 minute time period by solving puzzles and finding clues.

The boys start off the show by being handcuffed together, except for Jackson who somehow manages to break his way out of the cuffs.  From then on, it’s absolute Got7 chaos as the boys try to figure out how to get to the dolls.  They are able to get hints by using ‘cute voices’, which seems rather painful for them!

Probably the best line of the entire thing was “Did you make this hard or are we idiots?”, since they struggled so much throughout the thing.  They eventually finish with only 5 minutes to spare thanks to a couple of the members putting their heads together to solve the puzzle.

Check it out below!


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