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GOT7 Release Lyric Spoiler For Upcoming Return With “Lullaby”

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Update September 16, 2018:

GOT7 release spoilers for each of the versions of their title track “Lullaby”.  They also released the online cover image for their album!

Check them out below.

Update September 14, 2018:

Mark released the music video or “OMW” along with the lyric spoilers for “Lullaby” in all languages.  Check them out below.


Update September 13, 2018:

Along with the teasers and music video below, GOT7 released the music video teaser for their upcoming title track “Lullaby”.  Check out the energetic music video preview  below!

JB’s stunning vocals serenade fans is his beautiful music video for “Sunrise”.  Along with the music video, GOT7 also released the teaser for Mark’s solo track “OMW” co-composed and co-written by Jackson and Mark.

Check them out below.

mark-On my way!

Update September 12, 2018:

Yugyeom’s music video for “Fine” is breathtaking!  JB’s teaser image for his solo track “Sunrise” is breathtaking as well!  Check them out below.


Update September 11, 2018:

Fans continue to be spoiled as Jinyoung’s music video for “My Youth” is released alongside Yugyeom’s teaser image for “Fine”.  Check out the teasers below.


Update September 10, 2018:

Jinyoung’s teaser for “My Youth” as well as the stunning music video for Youngjae’s solo track “Nobody Knows” have both been released!

Check out both of the beautiful comeback teasers below.



Update September 9, 2018:

Along with BamBam’s music video (below), GOT7 dropped the teaser image for “Nobody Knows” from their upcoming album written by Youngjae (credited as Ars).  Check out the teaser below.

YoungjaeBamBam’s music video for “Party” has us beyond hyped up.  Watch the rapper in his unique music video below.

Update September 8, 2018:

Following the release of Jackson’s solo music video for “Made It”, GOT7 released BamBam’s teaser for his solo track “Party”.  The track will be released on their upcoming album, Present : You and was co-composed by FRANTS and BamBam with lyrics written by BamBam.

Check out the teaser below.

got7-bambamGOT7’s Jackson Wang released a intense new music video for his solo track “Made It”. Watch it below.

Update September 7, 2018:

GOT7 released an intense new poster for Jackson’s solo track “Made It” from the group’s upcoming return.  Jackson took part in the lyric creation, composition, and arrangement for the new track!

jacksonwangUpdate September 6, 2018:

Jackson and BamBam feature in the next set of teaser images for GOT7’s upcoming return.  Check them out below.

jackson3jackson2jacksonbambam3bambam2bambamUpdate September 5, 2018:

GOT7’s new teasers for JB, Youngjae, and Yugyeom have been released!  Check them out below and get ready for the group’s return with Present : YOU.

jb-2jb-1jb-3youngjae-3youngjae-2youngjae-1yugyeom-3yugyeom-2yugyeom-1Update September 4, 2018:

GOT7’s Mark and Jinyoung look stunning in their gorgeous teaser images.  Check them out below.

mark-2mark-3mark-1jinyoung-1jinyoung-2jinyoung-3Update September 3, 2018:

Check out the album details for GOT7’s upcoming return!

GOT7-Present-YOU1GOT7’s Jackson and BamBam team up in the next teaser for their return with “Lullaby”.  Check out these handsome boys below.

got7Update September 2, 2018:

GOT7 dropped the adorable teaser of Youngjae, Yugyeom, and JB alongside various version of their lyric teasers.

Since the track “Lullaby” comes in multiple languages, the lyric teasers released feature a single line from each of the languages.  The English version of the lyrics reads “If I’m dreaming don’t ever wake me up. I wanna hear your melody, the only thing I could need. ‘Cause if I had to live with you, I’d be lost. And in this moment, I want more”.

Check them all out below.


Update September 1, 2018:

Mark and Jinyoung are the first two members to feature in GOT7’s teaser for their upcoming return with Present : YOU.  Check it out below.

jinyoung-markUpdate August 30, 2018:

GOT7 released the track list for their upcoming album, Present : YOU.  The album will have 13 tracks in total, including solos for the members and an english, Spanish, and Chinese version of their title track “Lullaby”.  Check out the track list below!

got7-present-you-tracksOriginal Article:

GOT7 is making their comeback!

GOT7 released their first teasers and the album details for their upcoming return with Present : YOU! The album is set to release on September 17, 2018.

Check out the teasers and details below and stay tuned for more.

got7-present-you2got7-present-yougot7-teaserGOT7 Present You Teasers


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