Got7’s Youngjae will be unable to attend fan meeting in Australia due to back injury

Youngjae Flight Log Arrival Got7 Teaser

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Got7 is in Australia! Unfortunately, Youngjae won’t be able to meet many fans there.  He will be forced to sit out of the upcoming fan meetings due to an injury on his back he’s been recovering from. Their statement reads:

“Hello, this is JYPE

We would like to inform you that Youngjae will be unable to attend the ‘GOT7 Global Fan Meeting in Australia 2017’ that will be held on April 20-24, due to health reasons.

Youngjae is currently recovering from a back injury while receiving hospital treatment. After taking into consideration the current status of his health, we decided it would be difficult for him to attend.

We sincerely apologize to all the fans who were anticipating [the event]. We will do our best to make sure Youngjae recovers.”

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Here’s to hoping for a quick recovery for him so he can get back on his feet soon!  It’s a relief he’s taking the time to rest, though it is sad he won’t be able to meet his Australian fans.