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GUGUDAN (구구단) Are Chocolate Obsessed In Their Latest Practice Video

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The Gugudan (구구단) girls are back with another sweet practice video for their latest track, “Chococo,” off their new single album, Act. 3 Chococo Factory, released on November 8.

These charismatic ladies can be seen in their practice room, wearing athletic clothing, and ready to greet their viewers by screaming their group name in a way that’s reminiscent of Orange Carmel’s (오렌지캬라멜) “Catallena (까탈레나)” live performances. The song tells the story of the members’ obsession with chocolate and how its melty, delicious qualities are reminiscent of first loves.

As the members continue the dance, it’s clear that they are eager to perform for their new fans and are already experts, even after only one year since their debut. The chorus is filled with aegyo, with each member enthusiastically giving finger hearts throughout and pretending to eat chocolate while performing intricate dance moves, including quick hand claps and unison footwork.

Although the nine-member group is temporarily an eight-member one (the ninth member, Soyee, is on hiatus due to a shoulder injury prior to the group’s debut), it doesn’t stop these ladies from performing these intricate moves with ease and grace. It’s just a testament to the hard work of these girls despite the various hardships they have faced in the past.

“Chococo” is definitely a unique song that is highlighted with a fun and danceable choreography that will surely leave all viewers smiling, and definitely craving some chocolate! What are your thoughts on their latest song?

If you haven’t checked out their latest practice video, make sure to click below!

GUGUDAN Chococo Dance Practice

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