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gugudan SEMINA Reveals Choreography Spoiler

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Update July 7, 2018:

gugudan SEMINA spoil the choreography for their upcoming return in the adorable short clip below.  Check it out.


Update July 6, 2018:

gugudan SEMINA’s track list for their upcoming single album has been revealed!  Along with the title track, the group will be releasing a B-side track titled “Ruby Heart”.

Check out the track list below.

gugudan-SEMINA1Update July 4, 2018:

Along with stunning new teasers if the members of gugudan’s upcoming unit, the group also revealed the album details.

Check out both the teasers and album details below.sejeong34sejeong3


Update July 3, 2018:

gugudan reveal the title track for their upcoming unit release!  Get ready for “Semina” (샘이나)!

seminaOriginal Article:

gugudan’s Mina, Sejeong, and Nayoung are making a unit debut!

The group dropped their first teaser, a video, with the text “Coming Soon” featuring the names Kim Sejeong, Nayoung, and Mina.  The teaser clip features a slot machine with the beautiful blue, pink and yellow shades.

According to Jellyfish Entertainment, the group will actually be releasing a single album for the three.

In preparation for the album release, the three lovely ladies featured in past and present photos, showing adorable candid photos of them as children and their current looks.

Check out the teasers below and stay tuned for the single album to release on July 10, 2018.gugudan-kim-sejeong


gugudan unit 


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