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GWSN Reveals Teasers For Member Seokyoung And Prologue Video

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Update June 25, 2018:

GWSN reveal the next member, Seokyoung, along with a prologue video! Check them out below.

Update June 22, 2018:

Seoryoung and Miya are the next members to be revealed.  Check out their teasers below.



Update June 21, 2018:

Soso and Anne are the next two members of GWSN to have their teaser images released.  Take a look at them below.



Update June 20, 2018:

The first two members have been revealed in beautiful teaser images.  Lena and Minju are the first two ladies of GWSN to be revealed to fans (in teasers at least).  Check out their teasers below.



Update June 19, 2018:

GWSN opened up their social media accounts prior to their debut!  Check out the accounts below and their teaser clip.





Original Article:

Kiwi Media Group will be debuting a brand new girl group, and they’ve given us a quick look!

The group will be called GWSN, standing for Gong Won So Nyeo.  According to translations, it’s a combination of the words for “a park” and “young girl”.  Kiwi Pop, the label under Kiwi Media Group set to specialize in K-Pop, will be releasing the girl group to the public in September as the first girl group they’ve launched!

While members have yet to be revealed, they will start the reveal as it comes closer to the group’s debut in September.  Kim Seokyung, formerly a participant on Produce 101 Season 1 that ranked at 22, has been confirmed as one of the members. The members aren’t just Korean based either, with reports coming in that some are from China and Japan as well.

Stay tuned for more and check out the announcement from Kiwi Pop on the upcoming girl group GWSN!

GWSN Kiwi Pop


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