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GWSN Preview Title Track “Puzzle Moon” In Second Music Video Teaser

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Update September 3, 2018:

GWSN preview their title track “Puzzle Moon” in a second music video teaser.  Watch it below.

Update September 2, 2018:

GWSN released the highlight medley for their upcoming album, The Park In The Night, Part One.  The video previews “Puzzle Moon’, “Shy Shy”, “Let’ It Grow ~ A Little Tree”, “Yolowa”, “Melting Point”, and “Lullaby”.

Take a listen to the preview below.

Update August 31, 2018:

GWSN released the music video teaser for their track “Puzzle Moon”. Watch it below!

Update August 29, 2018:

GWSN continue to show off their visuals with the latest set of individual teaser images! Check them out below.

seokyoungseoryoungsosoanneminjuUpdate August 27, 2018:

GWSN released the jacket photos for Lena and Miya!  Check them out below.

LenaMiyaUpdate August 26, 2018:

GWSN released a moving teaser for their upcoming album.  Check it out below.

Update August 24, 2018:

Another teaser image from GWSN!  This stunning set of images features all of the members.

Check it out below.

Update August 23, 2018:

GWSN released the track list for their upcoming album!  The title track of their album, The Park In The Night, Part One is “Puzzle Moon”.  Check out the track list below.

Update August 22, 2018:

Anne, Minju, and Soso feature in the next teaser image.  The teaser reads “These girls begin regulary sharing not nly the paper strips but their own dreams, wishes, struggles and hopes – forming priceless and cherished friendships”.  Check out the teaser below.

gwsn7Update August 21, 2018:

Miya and Lena feature in the first unit teaser image for GWSN’s upcoming album! The teaser reads “The day after the meaningful paper strip is hung, a new one appears”. Check it out below.

miya-lenaUpdate August 20, 2018:

The group released their first concept photos with small previews of each of the girls for their debut concept.  Check it out below.

gwsn-debutUpdate August 18, 2018:

GWSN released the timeline for their upcoming album, The Park In The Night, Part 1!  The album is set to release on September 5, 2018 and the group is jamming in all sorts of teasers until then.

Check out their teaser scheduler below.

gwsn-timelineUpdate August 17, 2018:

GWSN dropped a new teaser for their upcoming first album, The Park In The Night, Part One. The new teaser contains a bit of a story too.

“There is a quaint park in our neighborhood.

It is a place where the village neighbours come to ponder life.

In this park stands a tall tree.  At some point, small strips of paper with the neighbours’ dreams, wishes, confessions and struggles started to appear on the tree.

One day, an ambiguous yet seemingly meaningful paper strip is hung. ‘We may seem trivial and insignificant but each one of use possesses a unique strength…my distinctive unique strength is…'”

Original Article:

The 7 lovely ladies who form Kiwi Pop’s first girl group are gearing up for their first album!

GWSN introduced their members back in June, teasing fans with cute videos and photos.  Now, the girl’s will actually be hitting the stage with their first album, The Part In The Night, Part One. GWSN consists of members from China, Japan and Korea.

The group is set to drop their album on September 5, 2018! Stay tuned!

gwsnGWSN Park In The Night


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