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HALO Drops Gorgeous Individual Teasers Of Dino, Jaeyong, And Heecheon For “Oh My God”

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Update April 29, 2018:

Jaeyong, Heecheon, and Dino star in the next wave of classy new individual teasers.  Take a look at their handsome photos below.

HALO OMG Oh My God HALO OMG Oh My God HALO OMG Oh My God Update April 28, 2018:

The latest teasers from HALO feature Inhaeng, Ooon, and Yoondog posing in their class white and black outfits.  Unlike their group teaser, the three individual teasers are featured in glorious color. Check out the images below.

HALO OMG Oh My God HALO OMG Oh My God HALO OMG Oh My God Stay tuned for the next wave of teasers for HALO’s “Oh My God”.

Update April 27, 2018:

HALO released another teaser for “Oh My God”.  Check it out below.

HALO OMG Oh My God Original Article:

HALO dropped a surprise teaser image on their Twitter account.

The new teaser contains both “OMG” and “Oh My God” which appears to be their upcoming release!  The teaser also features the guys standing on what appears to be a rooftop in suits and is completely in black and white.  According to the Tweet, it will be released on May 1, 2018!

HALO last made their comeback in mid-summer of 2017 with “HERE I AM“.  If their surprise teaser is a comeback, it will mark their first of 2018!

Stay tuned and check out HALO’s teaser below.



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