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HALO takes us on set for individual member’s filming for “Here I Am”

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HALO’s Yoondong was really feeling himself in his filming for the group’s latest track “Here I Am”.  With confidence and swag, he sang along to the lyrics and showed off a level of sass that was perfect for the song!

Check it out below!

UPDATE: Heecheon is killing fans left and right in his ‘no cut’ version of the groups latest track “Here I Am”!

Check out the video below!

UPDATE: HALO’s Dino is suave and confident in his cut from “Here I Am”!

Check it out below!

UPDATE: Jaeyong’s clip is here!

 Check it out below!

UPDATE: Check out Inaeng’s no cut clip!

UPDATE: Watch Ooon get right up on the camera in his “Here I Am” clip.  The amount of sass in this video is unbelievable.

UPDATE: HALO releases the no-cut version their dance in of “Here I Am”!

HALO Behind Scenes 2017


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