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Heize (헤이즈) Apologizes in Newest Music Video “Mianhae (Sorry)”

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Closely following her release of the music video for her new track “Jenga” (Feat. Gaeko) Heize (헤이즈) is back at it again with yet another music video, this time for the track “Mianhae (Sorry)”!

The song was released on March 12th and is from her latest EP titled “Wish & Wind”. The new EP, which also includes the track “Jenga”, is the lastest of the artists epic releases and does not disappoint in the slightest.

As with all of her songs, this one features her powerful vocals perfectly but is also accompanied by a music video that is sure to catch your attention. In this music video, it appears that Heize is in some sort of medical or scientific office. The office is filled with mannequins all in pieces. It should also be noted that the artist is depicted as a robot in this music video. (I’m serious, it’s actually pretty cool and just a little creepy). Towards the end of the video she is put on display for viewers and well I’ll let you watch to see what happens next.

The music overall is soft and relaxing to listen to and Heize’s gorgeous vocals pull the entire thing together. Any fan of hers will not be disappointed by this song, nor will they be disappointed by its music video.

Have you watched Heize’s new music video? If not watch it here! Don’t forget to let us know your thoughts!

Heize Mianhae mv


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