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Hey Men (헤이맨) Are “Jelly” In Their Debut Music Video

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Hey Men (헤이맨), a new Korean band, debuted with their first mini-album titled, Prism. The third song off the album, “Jelly,” was released with a quirky music video sure to get pop punk rock fans excited! The video features a young female scientist watching the group from the computer as they perform passionately in a small stained-glass room as bright ceiling lights flash to the beat.

The music video seems colorful and bright while actually showcasing the obvious frustrations of the main girl, possibly even showing her sexual frustration, as the group members keep singing about how they want her lips like a “jelly.”

As the video continues, images of the girl feeding the guys a jelly candy, watching them play while sitting on a stool, and even laying in a bathtub full of jellybeans flash across the screen. In the end, the girl lowers the volume from her computer and the band stops playing, showing viewers that the girl controlled the sound of the band the whole time, like a puppeteer.

It’s definitely a unique, sexier, approach for a group debuting, but nonetheless works with their funky sound. One cannot help but be reminded of old-school rock hits with the singer singing about the girl they can’t have or want. It’s not a new take on the subject but definitely leads to a captivating debut for a fresh, new rock group as they aspire to take on the highly competitive K-pop band scene.

While nothing stood out in the music video, the group did produce a cooler sound and style of music that hasn’t been heard yet in 2017. Instead of using heavy drums and guitar, the vibe is more chill ambiance mixed with heavily 1970s inspired keyboard sounds. The band is bringing back retro vibes and I’m excited to see how they bring it to the present and future with hopefully more releases.

What did you think of Hey Men’s (헤이맨) debut music video, “Jelly”? Let me know in the comments below!

Hey Men Jelly Music Video

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