HIGHLIGHT Wow Fans With Their Dance Practice For “Celebrate”


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“CELEBRATE” dance practice!

HIGHLIGHT (하이라이트), previously BEAST, released a dance practice for CELEBRATE (안무 연습 영상). Did you have a look at it yet?

This song belongs to their recent mini-album with the same name. And as you probably know, the title track of this comeback is 어쩔 수 없지 뭐 (Can Be Better). The lyrics clearly tell how they are celebrating that they have been together from 2009 to 2016. So it’s definitely time to party along with their fans tonight! It won’t be hard as the song has an electronic base, it could perfectly sound inside a club.

From the very beginning you can tell that this performance is going to be an energetic one. They start to jump around as soon as the music in on. It is mostly strong and marked movements, requiring a lot of stamina in the end. What’s more, the footwork of the choreography really stands out (I believe that the white t-shirts make you put the focus on their legs, maybe it’s just my impression though).

Watching and performing this on a stage must be a lot of fun! I think it is a pity that since it’s a rehearsal some members look very focused instead of just going with the flow. I personally enjoyed watching Yoseob since he also sings along while dancing.

In case you missed it, I recommend you check out their dance practice video of “Can Be Better”, which is a pretty entertaining song:

How do you like the dancing skills of Highlight? I seems to me that they manage to look good even with the hardest and fastest of choreographies!

HIGHLIGHT Can Be Better Celebrate Dance Practice